The Hosts

Football Today gives you in-depth analysis of the  biggest stories from the world of football in episodes that you can listen to in a single commute. From corruption and controversy to the issues that are changing the fabric of the game. Don't read the game, feel the game.


Josh Schneider-Weiler

Jon Mackenzie

Josh Schneider-Weiler is the executive producer and host of Football Today. Previously he was the Sporting Director of the This Football Life podcast, where he interviewed football professionals about their career in football. He is also a producer and co-host for the Training Ground Guru podcast. His first passions in life were radio and football, and that hasn't changed. An ex-resident of the United States, Spain and South Korea, he appreciates football stories from around the globe.

Jon Mackenzie is the producer and co-host of Football Today. Currently freelancing, he has worked as an editor and staff writer within the sports media after spending his early career in academia. During his time in the industry, he has created and produced a number of podcasts focusing on football, baseball and the football media.